Goleta Alternative

Annual Return: 12.24%*

YTD Return: 0.16%

The sub-fund seeks to obtain capital appreciation through the acquisition of investment vehicles with carefully selected alternative strategies that have a low correlation with the stock markets, but with a minority component of US equity; The objective of the sub-fund is to soften the impact of volatility in traditional financial markets, while maintaining an attractive return for the investor. Alternative investments consist mainly of lending strategies, including asset-based lending, commodity trade finance, market place lending, payroll lending, real estate finance, invoice
finance, among others; These investments are diversified in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

*Please see the Fact Sheet for important additional information.

Fact Sheet 


Annual Return (USD): .600%

YTD Return (USD): -33.41%

Annual Return (MXN): -0.71%

YTD Return (MXN): -39.63%

Absolute Return Strategy. Investment strategies are constructed with chosen asset classes that satisfy strategic risk and return requirements based on well-established parameters such as the minimization of VaR (Value at Risk) as well as a strict stop loss.

Subsequently, the fund assumes direct derivative positions on a broad range of securities seeking to maximize capital performance while mitigating investment risks. Only asset classes that completely satisfy the Fund’s strategic risk and return requirements are used as investment alternatives.

The investment strategy is continuously and thoroughly revised and rebalanced according to changes in analysis results, markets conditions and risk and return parameters and objectives.

Fact Sheet (USD)

Fact Sheet (MXN)

Goleta Performance


Goleta Select

Annualized Return: 0.33%

YTD Return: -1.84%

Capital Preservation Strategy. Goleta Select Fund is a fund within Goleta that seeks capital preservation invested and to obtain consistent and superior investment returns. The fund takes advantage of the investment expertise of various portfolio managers through mutual funds which in turn constitute diverse strategies that invest across a broad range of asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and other alternatives.

Fact Sheet

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