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Goleta Fund

Established in 2008, the Goleta Fund is a family of alternative investment funds focused on long-term capital growth through conservative and professional strategies. Our investment platforms are incorporated in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 

Our name, inspired by the schooner, embodies a sense of exploration and adventure, reflecting our commitment to venturing into new investment opportunities and charting our own course. Just as a schooner exhibits qualities of agility and adaptability, we strive to demonstrate these traits as we navigate through different market conditions. With a focus on sophisticated and tailored strategies, we aim to provide exceptional investment solutions that unlock the potential of untapped markets. Our mission is to deliver capital growth, manage risk, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for eligible investors. ​


We have expanded our presence in Europe by establishing Goleta Asset Management, an office located in Madrid, Spain.


Our open funds are exclusive to "eligible investors", as the term may be defined by the Funds' respective offering memorandum, the applicable Luxembourg and European Union legislation and the other legal documents of the Funds. They are not, therefore, marketed to the general public either in Luxembourg or in any other jurisdiction.


Our focus on catering to high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors creates a specialised investment community. We tailor our strategies to meet their unique needs, whether they seek long-term growth or capital preservation. At Goleta Fund, we prioritise discretion, professionalism, and regulatory compliance.

Unparalleled Professionalism and Expertise


We have meticulously built long-term partnerships with renowned service providers in the industry, solidifying our commitment to excellence and regulatory compliance.

  • PwC Audit, S.à.r.l. a global leader in professional services, is entrusted with auditing the financial statements of the SICAV. Their expertise and rigorous auditing practices ensure transparency, accuracy, and reliability in our financial reporting. With PwC Audit by our side, we provide our investors with the confidence they deserve.

  • Fuchs Asset Management, S.A. serves as the management company of our SICAV, bringing extensive experience and a proven track record. As an external alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) under Luxembourg's regulatory framework, FAM operates under the direct supervision and monitoring of Luxembourg’s Financial Markets Authority (CSSF). This collaboration ensures that our investment strategies are professionally managed, aligned with regulatory requirements, and optimised to deliver the best possible outcomes for our investors.

  • Banque des Patrimoines Privés S.A. (Creand Wealth & Securities) assumes the crucial roles of our custodian and fund administrator. With their meticulous oversight, they safeguard the assets of Goleta Fund, ensuring strict adherence to current statutory provisions. Their comprehensive expertise and adherence to the Articles of Association of each investment platform guarantee that shares are issued and redeemed with the utmost compliance and precision.

  • Kleyr Grasso SCS a reputable Luxembourg-based law firm, acts as our trusted legal advisor. Their extensive knowledge of the legal landscape and their strong presence in various industries make them an invaluable resource. Regularly recommended by legal directories, such as The Legal 500 and Chambers, Kleyr Grasso SCS offers us comprehensive legal counsel, ensuring that Goleta Fund operates within the bounds of the law and maintains the highest standards of legal compliance.

With these partners by our side, we offer our investors an unparalleled level of confidence and assurance in our operations. 


Luxembourg’s reputation precedes it as a major hub of the fund industry, and one of the most recognised, developed, effectively regulated and sophisticated financial centres worldwide. 

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