Goleta Fund

Goleta S.C.A SICAV-RAIF  (Luxembourg)

Founded in 2008, Goleta Fund is a family of alternative investment funds focused on long-term capital growth through conservative and professional strategies. Our investment platform is based on a SICAV-RAIF incorporated in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 

We currently offer our clients a choice of strategies:

Over the years we have worked hard to create long-term partnerships with our various service providers. 

  • Deloitte Audit, S.à.r.l. is responsible for auditing the financial statements of all our Funds.

  • Fuchs Asset Management, S.A. (FAM) serves as the management company of Goleta Fund. FAM is an external alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) within the meaning of the Luxembourg law of 12 July 2013 on alternative investment fund managers, as amended (the AIFM Law). FAM is subject to direct supervision and monitoring by Luxembourg’s Financial Markets Authority (CSSF).

  • Creand Wealth & Securities S.A. serves as Goleta’s depositary bank and administrator, it supervises the Funds’ assets and ensures that shares are issued and redeemed in compliance with current statutory provisions. Moreover, it makes sure that income and profits are used in accordance with the Fund's Articles of Association.

  • NautaDutilh Avocats Luxembourg S.à.r.l. is the legal advisor of the Fund. Founded in 1724, it has grown to become one of the most prestigious law firms in the Benelux region and its investment fund practice is consistently ranked at the top. 

Luxembourg’s reputation precedes it as a major hub of the fund industry, and one of the most recognized, developed, effectively regulated and sophisticated financial centres worldwide.