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Goleta Alternative

Igniting investment potential by leveraging uncorrelated return streams and capitalising on powerful secular super-trends across diverse sectors, including clean energy and cutting-edge technology. Experience a unique approach that challenges convention and unlocks untapped investment opportunities.


Note: This is a private fund, closed to new investors.

Our innovative multi-alternative strategy aims to generate long-term alpha for investors while minimising risk and volatility through access to 15-20 uncorrelated return streams. Over the past four years since 2018, our strategy consistently outperformed a blended benchmark composed of 70% HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index and 30% Morgan Stanley Capital International All Country World Index (MSCI ACWI).

At Goleta Alternative, we focus on secular super-trends that we believe will shape the future. These trends include "the fourth industrial revolution" encompassing technology and automation, sustainable investments, the renewable energy transition, health and biotech, the silver economy, millennials, and the democratisation of private markets. To diversify our investments, we continuously explore new opportunities ranging from clean energy, healthcare, biotech, ESG, technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, real estate, farmland, forestry, private markets, to various lending strategies.

By combining our expertise in these areas, we strive to provide investors with a robust portfolio that capitalises on emerging opportunities while minimising reliance on traditional financial markets.

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