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Goleta Alternative

3-year Total Return: +9.87%*

3-year Volatility: +8.25%

3-year Sharpe Ratio: +0.31

*Launched as a strategy on 31.03. 2018 and as part of G.Alt Fund on 01.12.22.

Multi-Alternative Strategy

By providing investors with access to 15-20 uncorrelated return streams, we seek to generate long-term alpha, limiting risk and volatility by minimizing correlation to traditional financial markets.


In a four-year period since 2018, our innovative multi-alternative strategy has consistently outperformed a blended benchmark composed of 70% HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index and 30% Morgan Stanley Capital International All Country World Index (MSCI ACWI).

Our strategy focuses on secular super-trends which we believe will shape the world of tomorrow. These include “the fourth industrial revolution” (tech and automation), sustainable investments, the renewable energy transition, health & biotech, the silver economy, millennials, and the democratization of private markets. Accordingly, we are constantly looking at new investment options with the aim of diversifying our investments, ranging from clean energy, healthcare, biotech, ESG, technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, real estate, farmland, forestry, private markets, and various lending strategies.


Share class A:

    • ISIN: LU2564339153

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