Goleta Alternative


3-year Average Annual Return: +3.56%*

3-year Volatility: +8.14%*

3-year Sharpe Ratio: +0.35*

*Launched as a strategy on 31.03. 2018 and as part of G.Alt Fund on 31.05.2020.

Multi-Alternative Strategy


We seek to provide investors with access to several uncorrelated return streams. Our aim is to generate long-term alpha, limiting risk and volatility by minimising correlation to traditional financial markets. 


Uninterested in speculative ventures or short-term gains, we look at secular “super-trends" which will shape the future. Accordingly, we are constantly looking at new investment options with the aim of diversifying our investments to range from clean energy, healthcare, biotech, ESG projects, technology, real estate, farmland, forestry and various lending strategies.

Available Share classes: