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Goleta Select

Empowering capital preservation, unlocking growth. A strategic fusion of equities, bonds, and alternative investments, meticulously managed for ever-changing markets. Seizing opportunities, navigating uncertainty, and diversifying portfolios.


The Goleta Select Fund offers a capital preservation strategy designed to achieve consistent investment returns while managing risk. We base our strategy on the modern portfolio theory (MPT), which helps us determine the optimal allocation of assets considering the potential risk-reward relationship. Our portfolio encompasses a broad range of underlying assets, including equities, bonds, and alternative investments.

To ensure the effectiveness of our investment strategy, we continuously and thoroughly review and rebalance the portfolio based on changes in analysis results, market conditions, and risk and return parameters and objectives.

At the Goleta Select Fund, we prioritise the preservation of capital while aiming to deliver consistent investment returns. Our investment strategy is carefully crafted and actively managed to adapt to evolving market dynamics and optimise risk-reward outcomes.

Available Share classes:

Share  class B:

Share class F:  

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